Family Came Back Home To Find Walls Coated In Blood After Protective Dog Attacked Intruder


If the would-be burglar from this story isn’t capable of treating his own wounds, then he is in for big trouble. If he shows up at hospitals with an immensely high number of dog bites, he is surely going to have to answer some difficult questions. He also left behind some DNA at the scene of the crime.

The hero of this story is a family dog from Richmond, Virginia. He is called Oden and he is a very protective guy. This German Shepherd was home alone one day when a burglar decided to break in. Judging from what the owners returned to, the burglar had a hard time getting out.

When Tristan Murrin (above, right) and his mother came back home, Oden excitedly met them at the door. However, there were drops of blood by his side. They followed the trail and came face to face with a very gruesome scene. It almost looked like someone had been murdered.

“We looked upstairs and you could see trails of blood coming from upstairs, going all the way down,” Murrin told WRIC.

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