Family Dog Warns Owner


Mom got mad when the dog barking rushed into the bathroom. But then she saw what he wanted to show her. If you have a dog at home, you probably noticed that it has a special attitude to the youngest members of the family.

As a rule, children love dogs, and the dogs reciprocate. This story happened in 1993. Mindy, a resident of Ohio, USA, with her husband was pleased with the birth of their youngest daughter Rachel. Mom, dad and a terrible sister Amanda all rejoiced in the advent of a baby in the house. And only their two — year-old collie named Papillon behaved strangely-he often barked when he was near the newborn.

Papillon was not the most well — behaved dog- run in the wild, chewing on shoes, often indulged. So the family paid no attention to his barking — he just kept away from the nursery. One day mindy was home alone with the baby. She put her daughter to bed and decided to take a shower. Suddenly she heard a dog barking in the next room. Mindy was worried that Papillon was gonna Wake up the baby and rush out.

But when she began to dry off, the dog already ran to the bathroom and was barking like crazy. Mindy always loved the collie — she enjoyed watching the TV series “lassie”, where an intelligent dog always helped people out of trouble. So she drove the dog and grabbed a towel and followed him — Papillon led her to the nursery.