Family Dumped ‘Defective Dog’, But His Determination To Walk Again Made Him The Perfect Pet


Zeus’ incredible story really touched my heart! Zeus was dropped off at a high-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma after his family didn’t want a “defective dog”. He was effectively paralyzed due to a degenerative nerve disease. The wonderful people at St. Francis CARE in Illinois rescued him and began to give him hydrotherapy. Gradually, Zeus got better and he was finally able to get into a wheelchair.

He had a few serious setbacks on his journey, but Zeus never gave up. His determination brought tears to his caregivers’ eyes. “There are so many more like him that don’t get a chance,” said Lynda Kuether, who fostered him. “In a throw away society he is a shining example of what happens when you don’t throw something away. You don’t have to be perfectly healthy to be the perfect pet.”

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