Fox Sneaks Up Behind Huge Dog


Dogs are man’s best friend. They are highly social animals, and still retain the pack mentality they had from the time that they were wolves. This means that they can be really friendly with those that they accept as their own. If you have a dog, they see your family as their pack, and their owners as the alpha. They are also known to get along with other animals as well.

You might have seen videos of dogs befriending the most unusual animals. From ducks to horses to even their “enemy” cats, dogs are really social and can get along with almost anything. Friendship between different species is always amazing to watch, and the following video is no exception. German Shepherd dogs are usually perceived to be quite intimidating, but the one in the video below is nothing but adorable and friendly!

Meet Tinni. She is best friends with a red fox named Sniffer. Sniffer was found as a tiny kit, abandoned and on the verge of death. Tinni’s family did their best to keep the fox alive, while Tinni gave him company. The fox managed to survive, and now has an unbreakable bond with the dog. Their story really resembles the movie “The Fox and The Hound”, doesn’t it?

Watching them frolicking around in the woods and in the snow really make you smile!

Check out this amazing story below: