French Bulldog Tries To Play With His Puppies


Had an English bulldog named Sir Spanky is married Fiona, the favorite mistress Jenny Chamberlain and comfortable accommodation in Florida. But not so long ago the idyll came to an end Fiona give birth and the puppies have grown so much that stupid and friendly pack on the nine faces of vengeance rides dad.

No, it’s not the games — mistress filmed a hilarious scene to save the unfortunate father of the offspring on the couch. And after all they soon still will grow up. Sir Spanky loves to play and he also loves puppies, but there is one problem — he’s lazy.

Energy enough for fun with one, well a couple of offspring, and even then not for long, so when attention should be paid to all nine, only and remains what to flee.

Unfortunately, bulldog perceive it as a continuation of the game and Sir Spanky have become inventive.

This time he did, the sofa was a safe haven. But what about tomorrow? Their exterior is somewhat deceptive, it seems as if the British squat bulldogs are clumsy and slow.

In fact, this is not the case – if necessary, they can protect themselves and the owner. English bulldogs are excellent companion dogs and bodyguards, distinguished by calm and balanced temperament, courage and some degree of stubbornness.

But the appearance of the breed (big head, lots of creases and wrinkles on the face) and some features (abundant salivation, the characteristic’s snoring noise) can also repel, so the acquisition of the English bulldog is a matter of taste, some people like dogs and some don’t.