Friendly Duck Wants To Cheer Up A Dog


Friendship husky and ducks from the United States conquered users of social networks, when they saw two animals do not part literally for a second. Dog Max and duck Quakers together to sleep, eat and even walk, creating in his tiny town of traffic jams wishing to photograph them.

Kirsten Riley and her husband Patrick live in the small town of Strout in the us state of Minnesota. Together with them, according to Yahoo News, there was also a husky dog named Sasha, but a few years ago Kirsten and Patrick brought another dog — also husky, which was called max. Max very bonded with Sasha, and when the kind died, very sad.

At this time, the pair took home the duck Quakers, and two lonely creatures have found each other. Max sat near his paddock all the time, so they probably got closer. Then, when we started releasing the duck from the cage, they became literally inseparable. The couple said that the dog and duck do together everything: sleep, eat, drink.

Riley arranged for them a place in the garage, which in the morning heard grunting mixed with dog barking. Walk Max and Quakers, too, together. They especially like to stretch my legs along the nearby highway. In the Straut live only 25 people, so inseparable max and Quakers know everything.

And when walking alongside the duck and the dog can see passing on the highway the car drivers often can’t resist the temptation to stop. So in a tiny Straut appeared tube stand in which people are pleased.