Great Dane Is Running Alongside Owner’s Bike


Dog went for a walk with his owner on a motorcycle. Nothing but the steep slope was very tired dog. Just over a decade ago, Ara Gureghian lost his mother and his only son. He could not and did not want to return to a normal life and went on a journey across America on a motorcycle with a sidecar with a dog named Spirit.

Ara and Spirit went there, aimlessly, stopped them, and they are still on the road. Mr. Guregian keeps a diary of his amazing journey on a personal website, posting photos and videos there.

He also authored a printed photo album called Hues of My Vision and autobiographies of Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: a Dog, His Man, Their Journey. Gureghian, Ara – an Armenian born in France in 1948. At the age of twenty-five, he emigrated to the United States, where he worked as a chef at various restaurants throughout the country.

Ten years ago, his only son, lance, died of liver cancer, and he had no close relatives. In order to find a partner for the journey he took from the shelter a pit bull named Spirit. The dog has been taken home, but soon abandoned it. Ara was on time – a few days the Spirit had to be put down. Dog was fabulously lucky, and instead of nonexistence, he received his beloved master and a life full of various adventures.