Greedy Chihuahua Refuses to Share His Treat with His Sibling Great Dane. Have a Look.


The hilarious footage is enough to make us smile, and we think that the difference between the species is obvious. Though the Great Danes definitely appear threatening, we should not be fooled by their looks and put some trust in them as they first come into the house.

The same can be said about Diesel, who is the embodiment of everything that we are waiting for in a dog. He is loyal to a fault, and if he makes a friend, it means that he will have your back no matter what. This is another reason people love this breed so much, the Great Danes becoming the most beloved pooches in the country.

However, they can get very territorial and possessive, fighting with their siblings on a daily basis and trying to establish their own rights in the area where they usually like to lounge. The same happens below, and when the treats are involved, there is no way Diesel can get away from the argument. He is barking and growling, and it seems like he is about to start a playful struggle with Miles the Chihuahua.

The owners add that they do not generally act like this with all the family present, but when they want to settle the conflict, they will make funny sounds and entertain the public for hours. Watch the video now and try not to laugh when you see the two together. They surely light up the room with their presence!