He Brought A Puppy Home


The man brought home a puppy and now they are completely inseparable. And now he has a real dog Paradise in his house. When a resident of Tucson, Arizona, saw a house ad for a free puppy to a good home, he knocked on the door, to learn more. And immediately fell in love with a puppy with amber eyes. But soon after he took the puppy named Neon home, the man began to suspect something was wrong.

“You know it’s not a dog, right?” asked the owner of the Wolf Connection shelter when the host brought Neon. The fact that the puppy was acting unbearable. He was not interested in the Goodies that dogs are very strange, and he did not seek to communicate with other people, except the owner. Seems like the only thing worried is his faithful four-legged owner. You have introduced the dog and You literally don’t know which side to approach her?

Do you want to make contact with her, make friends and caress, but she looks at you with horror, all shakes with fear and tries to hide? And sometimes Vice versa when the pet is putting on a brave face, growling at the new owner and even tries to bite. In any case, the owner should help the animal to adapt not only to a new host, but also the environment.

Don’t be surprised if the first 3-5 days, your new pet will refuse to eat and drink, but You will hear the rumbling of his empty stomach. The dog can whine and” cry”, hide behind furniture or rush around the apartment in search of a secluded place.