He Put The Sleepy Pugs To Bed


Despite the fact that puppies are born blind and deaf, they are able to find nipples and begin to suck, producing a pushing movement of the front legs near the nipple bitches, at the same time pushing hind legs. Thus, the baby is like massaging the nipple, which promotes milk production.

It is very important that from the first hours of life, the puppies were fed with colostrum containing a lot of nutrients and globulin proteins protecting the organism from infectious diseases. In the first days the puppies may not be able to empty your bowel and bladder. This makes bitch, carefully licking puppies and eating their allocation.

So the puppies clean, dry, litter no evidence of discharge. Still blind and deaf, the puppies basically sleep and suck, carefully gaining weight. If they’re fed, they hardly squeak. Puppies are born with an innate sucking reflex and to teach them this is not necessary, but a weak puppy that he is not able to stay on the teat, you need to hold off until he will get his share of milk. Apply it to the most filled nipples.

Before that have a little stretch and udder bitch to squeeze colostrum the puppy could almost smell him. Sometimes puppies are so weak that can’t even take the nipple, then you have to open your mouth and put the nipple holding the puppy. Usually it takes one or two days, as the baby gains strength and begins to suck on their own.