Homeless Dog Reveals Her Friend To Rescuer


A German Shepherd had been living in the woods near Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, for several weeks when Judy Obregon of local animal rescue The Abandoned Ones finally had her work pay off. She began by trying to gain the dog’s trust, and patience was the key.

Judy has lots of experience rescuing dogs from this notorious dumping ground and knew exactly what it would take to rescue this German Shepherd.

“At first, once she saw my truck she’d run,” she wrote. “Every morning I’d go to feed her.” Then one morning, Judy showed up and the dog was there waiting for her. “I knew we were close [to rescuing her].”

No one knows how these dogs got here or how they found each other, but they clearly had become friends and protectors of each other. Judy took both of them with her.