Homeless Pit Bull And Her Puppies are Rescued


When they got a call about a stray pit bull that had delivered her babies in a yard, they rushed to the scene. The mama dog was wary of the strangers, so she kept running off. But the rescuers didn’t give up. The pooch seemed afraid, but she was soon under their care. She had given birth to five little pups, but sadly one of them didn’t make it. The family was taken to the vet and the mom was named Lexus.

It’s a sad truth that around millions of dogs are abandoned every year for various reasons. According to the Animal Rights Action website, because pit bull terriers are seen and labeled as “dangerous dogs,” there are up to 4000 of them put down on a daily basis. People are afraid to have them around themselves and their children, but as you can see from this video, they can be as tame and as loving as any other dog. Many people don’t realize that dogs are going to turn out the way people make them.

If you mistreat a dog or force it to fight other dogs, it is going to grow up violent. However, if you give the dog the love and care you would your own child, you can be rewarded with a loving member of the family.

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