Hotel Manager’s Sees Dog Leash Caught In Elevator


Some people have nightmares about getting stuck inside an elevator. However, getting trapped on the outside can sometimes be much, much worse. The following may sound like a scary storyline from a horror movie, but it actually happened at a Roadway Inn in Greenville, South Carolina. A hotel guest had entered the elevator holding the leash, but when the doors closed – his dog was still outside. With the elevator starting to ascend, it was a race against time with no moments to spare.

As a hotel manager, Ben Duke is responsible for the safety of all his guests, including the four-legged furry kind. Yet, when Ben stepped into the lobby, he had absolutely no time to react to the implausible sight that greeted him.

The elevator doors had just snapped shut on Boo Boo’s leash, and the poor pup was on the wrong side of “Oh no!” It only took 2-3 seconds for the elevator floor to clear the ceiling, and the security camera caught the entire scene on film.

Ben instinctively sprang into action and tried to rip off the dog’s leash with his bare hands. But, the frightened pooch struggled against Ben’s grip and scratched at his face, not understanding that this stranger was trying to save his life. No one wants to imagine what would have happened if Ben’s timing that day had been just a few seconds off. Thankfully, no one has to! Watch the video below to see how a quick-thinking doggy angel saved little Boo Boo’s life – and watch the two reunite. You’ll also learn some vital tips as well!