Hungry German Shepherd demands more food


When this adorable German Shepherd wants food, he makes it abundantly clear to his owner.

This impatient pup named Apollo, keeps tapping his food bowl while looking into the eyes of his human. The greedy dog is, in fact, begging for more food. But this has to be the most polite way we have ever seen it done.

Apollo stands by his bowl, pawing at it as he waits for his master to respond.

When the begging doesn’t quite work out, the German Shepherd takes his request to the next level, guiding his human to the pantry to get more food.

Apollo’s owner opened the pantry and the dog whimpers a little as it spots the food.

When the German Shepherd’s owner asks if he’s hungry, the dog barks merrily in affirmation. The video becomes funnier when you learn that Apollo had just eaten.

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