Kitty Was Scared Her First Night At Foster Home, But Watch How The Family Dog Comforts Her


This is a kitten named Rosie. Until he began to bark, but steals food from dog bowl and walks with the local pack. A few months ago Rosie picked up on the streets of California — the kitten died from cold and lack of food.

The little blind stray kitten and he could die somewhere on the street, if he accidentally found, not picked up and brought home with good people. And if their house Rosie, as he called the kitten would not have met husky named Lil.

These two immediately felt the connection between them, and after a week of this surprising intimacy and warmth of Rosie opened eyes and was able to walk independently. Lil just took the kitten to the family, but also replaced his mother. Husky refers to Rosie as my puppy and brings her all the rules a dog tone.