Their Lab Had Been Missing For 5 Year, The Moment They Reunite Is Absolutely PRICELESS


The Humane Society rescued 166 animals from an abusive home in Adams County, OH – one of which was a missing dog named Chuckie. Watch to see him reunited with his family after five years.

Chuckie is a chocolate lab who went missing more than five years ago. Just recently, he was discovered in a home that had been reported to The Human Society Of The United States for neglect. After the 166 cats and dogs were rescued from the situation, they were all checked for a microchip. This is how they were able to determine the identity of Chuckie, and also contact the family in Indiana that had been looking for him ever since his disappearance.

In the video, we are able to see the tear-jerking reunion between Chuckie and his long lost family. As the rescuers walk him up the driveway, his tail is wagging in excitement. The family too can’t hold back their emotions when they finally see their pet. When they let go of the leash – he runs right up to them. Although a great deal of time had past, it seems as if he never forgot the people who loved him the most.