Little Baby Clung On And Never Let Go


Brazilian dog Pretinhaheroically took on the role of a mother of five orphaned opossums. The dog’s owner, trainer Stephanie Maldonado, told the dog her uncle killed a opossum, and then to take care of her newborn offspring was none.

The animals needed feeding every two hours, but still it was unclear if they would survive the possums without maternal attention that Maldonado could not provide. It was then that stepped in dog Pretinha.

Stephanie took the little ones home. Suddenly, her interest in young opossums showed the dog tamer. Pretinha warmed the calves at night, your body and allowed them to sit on it.

Stephanie Maldonado from Rio de Janeiro suddenly began to take care of orphaned young possum — their mother died from a dog belonging to uncle Stephanie. The kids weren’t feeling well, but then came to the aid of Stephanie’s dog named Pretinha, which began to care for them.

Published below footage shows how the trainer walks Pretinha, which bears his five children.

Sociable the dog is, obviously, understood that little opossum was left without a mother, and began to treat him with such love, as if they were her own puppies. “It’s really nice to see her caring for them, licking them all the time and harboring them,” Maldonado wrote on Facebook.