Little Boy Goes To The Shelter & Adopts The Oldest Dog That They Have


Meet Shey. This 14 year old miniature poodle was abandoned by his family at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in November of 2017. They were moving, but they weren’t taking the old pooch along.

For four months, Shey waited at the shelter for someone to come to his aid. The dog had a dental disease and had never been neutered, so the rescue scheduled him for surgery and vet care. It turns out, only one of his teeth wasn’t fully rotted.

Shey was deaf, half-blind and almost completely toothless. Because of his condition, he didn’t really have a lot of prospective adopters waiting for him.when all hope seemed lost, a little boy called Tristan came into his life. Tristan and his mom were looking for a small dog who loved cuddles, and the shelter staff immediately knew Shey would be the perfect match.

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