Little Bulldog Thinks She’s Tough


The bulldog is a very funny bark. He definitely doesn’t like something. By name it could be assumed that the French bulldogs come from France, however, in fact it is not. The history of this breed comes from the English city of Nottingham and was popular among the working class people.

Mostly, French bulldogs lived on factories and destroyed rat. During the scientific and technical revolution, many British lost their jobs and moved EN masse to France, taking with them their Pets, where they became very popular.

Already closer to the 20th century the French bulldog appeared in many families of the French nobility, they were painted by famous artists and praised Bohemia.

Has not lost a French bulldog popularity and today, more and more people get a dog of this breed and the American kennel club reports about the official rise in their demand. Breeding dogs today is engaged in a lot of clubs.

Despite the small size, it looks powerful, chunky. Overall, this is a compact dog, with a snub snout, erect ears. The coat is smooth and short. The tail is short from birth.

At first glance, the French bulldog should make an impression of active and intelligent nature of the animal, with strong bone and very muscular. The General form of a puppy and an adult dog should be harmonious.