Little Dog Plays Dead Every Time He Is Taken Away From His Owner


Small dog breed Chihuahua pretending to be dead when placed in the hands of the man who, apparently, the dog does not like. When the owner takes the dog to his four-legged friend alive. It is very likely that this is a natural protective reaction of the dog’s body.

A similar reaction exists in some other animals, and it allows them to survive in nature. While some dogs love to swim, others do not like to swim even for the sake of sanitary purposes. And the heroine of this movie is among them! As only dog recognized, that it threatens to bathing, she pretended to be the dead. And not ready to get out of the role, as if the hostess tried to drag her to the bathroom.

What do animals need care. Sometimes you have to go even against their wishes! The people in a popular Australian holiday Park was a lot of fun watching the owner, who was struggling with trying to steal his unruly dog home. She really didn’t want to leave the Park, because fell to the ground and expertly pretended to be dead.

The whole scene was captured Kristen Bolsen, who also rested in this place. People began to have fun and applaud when the dog finally reluctantly rose. This scene really made people laugh (well, of course, except the owner, of course), and the dog won a little more time spent in the Park.

And it absolutely pulls on Oscar for the best female role… One man with a dog was walking in a popular Australian Park and then decided to go home, but his dog had other plans…