Little Fawn Does Not Want To Leave His Savior! Let’s See How Much Gratitude!


Darius Sasnauskas saw a fawn with a broken leg. His mother and brother jumped forward, and this baby fell behind and got lost. The man took pity on the wounded animal and took it to his house. He made him a tire and started feeding him out of the bottle. The kid quickly settled into a friendly family, because in addition to the fawn, Darius has a few dogs.

Little Bambi took in his flock of dogs and cared for him as a native. When the foot healed, Darius began to wear the baby in the area where he picked it up, looking for his mom. The kid didn’t want to get away from their Savior and only played with it, to other deer, he never left. Few weeks their searches were unsuccessful, they found a mother deer and its baby brother.

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