Little Puppy Farts On Her Brother’s Face


Having a sibling is an awesome thing. But we cannot deny that they can be pretty troublesome at times, right? Sibling rivalry and sibling fights are a common thing and the one who usually has the lowest end of the bargain is the youngest sibling. However some little brothers and sisters really know how to win a losing fight! And the little dog in the video below is one of them!

Mac and his newest sibling, Lacie, are having a serious fight. We don’t know what these corgis are fighting about, but it looks like Mac wants to get acquainted with his sister.

But Lacie wastes no time in showing him who the boss of the house is now. You are going to be in hysterics when you see what Lacie did to shut Mac up!

Watch Mac’s priceless reaction in the video below! Did this make you laugh? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

This video is definitely worth watching and then watching it over and over. It will take just a few minutes and you won’t regret the time spent on it.

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