Lost Senior Dog Was Euthanized Two Hours After Being Transported To Shelter, Family In Tears


This is the type of tragic story that will definitely have you reaching for the Kleenex box (and make you pissed off). Can you believe that someone put this handsome pup to sleep? We cannot fathom this story one bit and the fact that Capone’s life was ended in such an unnecessary manner hurts our hearts.

When Capone went missing from his Michigan home, his family was worried sick and waiting to hear word about his whereabouts. While it was fortunate that a Good Samaritan found the animal before they had a chance to get hurt, their follow up actions definitely leave a lot to be desired.

They decided not to make even the slightest attempt to reach out and reunite poor Capone with the family who loved and missed him. The dog was turned over to the local animal control facility and as you might have guessed, the dog was euthanized within hours. What an unnecessary end to this senior dog’s existence.

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