Man Devotes His Life To Adopting Old Animals Who Can’t Find Forever Homes


When Steve Greig was forced to lay his dog to rest, it took him a long time to overcome his grief. To overcome the feelings of sadness that he was stricken with, he made the decision to head to a local animal shelter in Denver to find a new pet. However, he was not looking for the cutest and most adorable puppy to take home with him. His objective was a completely different one indeed.

His goal was to locate senior dogs who were unable to find a home of their own and he took it one step further by specifically asking for the dogs that were least likely to find a forever home. Steve is now the proud owner of ten senior dogs that he obtained from this shelter and thanks to his Instagram account, you are now given the opportunity to see him and his very large brood in action.

His new family requires him to wake up at 5 AM each morning to fix breakfast, but you won’t ever hear Steve complaining. Since each of the dogs requires a different meal, breakfast time can get complicated. Much of his day is filled with various trips to the vet and walks in the park. As soon as Steve places himself at the dogs’ level, he is typically besieged by attention hungry animals in search of hugs and love.

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