Man traded a beer for a dog and gained a motorcycle partner. Just watch this priceless video


Many years ago, Gary Miller had an unexpected and unusual encounter that lost him a beer but gave him a best friend for life. That bet friend — the four-legged variety — became not only his companion but also a fellow motorcycle rider and enthusiast!

Miller owned a Labrador retriever-pit bull mix whom he named, simply, “Dog.” Dog accompanied Miller everywhere, including moving with him from California to North Carolina when Miller decided to study to be a gunsmith.

“He [Dog] always goes with me, wherever I go. […] That’s my boy,” said Miller. When Miller said anywhere, he meant it. Dog was always by his side, even at his gunsmithing school. But to get Dog to school, Miller’s canine buddy had to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

It took some time and practice, but Dog eventually learned how to hop up on the bike behind Miller, then hold on by putting his paws and legs over Miller’s shoulders. Then Dog crouches behind Miller for the whole bike ride.

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