Military Dog Gets New Shoes


This charming dog just does not find a place for happiness. The owner was taken for her novob shoes. approving comfortable shoes and determine the size of the shoes for the dog is not an easy task, but guided by the tips of Prostozoo you will cope with it “perfectly”.

Dog paws need to be protected from glass, dirt, getting infections in wounds, deicing reagent and freezing ice between your fingers. Therefore, four-legged Pets are no less than their owners, need protective shoes and socks. to determine the size of shoes for the pet, put the dog’s paw on a sheet of paper and draw a contour.

Inch measure the length of the painted feet: the distance from the rear heel portion to the tip of the longest claw, the results obtained add 0.5 cm (when walking the claws are straightened). In the case of small breeds “stock” should be less.

Then measure the width of the legs: from the tip of the outer finger to the tip of internal. Be sure to remove the measurements and with front and hind legs, they can vary in size. Using the obtained data, in the pet store, determine the size of your pet’s shoes on the table of the manufacturer. There are a lot of tables for sizing on the Internet, but there is a problem: there is no single accepted grid of dog sizes, so each manufacturer has its own.

If the length and width of the paw is between two sizes, look for one that is more. When selecting, note that the internal dimensions of footwear for a couple millimeters less external.