Mom Asks Dog To Smile


This dog has learned an interesting team-she knows how to smile at the request of its owner. Many people, watching their pet, sometimes see human emotions: frostbite eyes and a sincere smile. However, any specialist, studying the habits of dogs can only say one thing: “the Dog can experience joyful positive emotions, as a person, but expresses them through the tail, jumping and barking”!

Then what does the smile of a dog mean?! This neoplasm says only that your pet has learned to imitate your emotions or behavior! Do not believe, then watch your pet or ask “breeders” about this feature. And you learn that if you smile often, then the dog can copy your facial expressions, if you take the same posture, then the dog will try to sit humanly and even hug the shoulders…

Why pet starts to behave “humanly”? This phenomenon does not require the creation of analogues of the Darwinian theory of the evolution of animal into man. The answer lies in the fact that the dog “domesticated” from the tip of the nose to the tail under the systematic education and training of the person.

So the dog begins to fulfill human requirements, forgetting or suppressing their animal instincts to bark and run around the apartment, jump on the owner, to hunt. And therefore their energy, emotion dog expresses itself through the reproduction of facial expressions and movements.