Mom Confronts Her Dog For Making A Mess


Sometimes our dogs try to act like they don’t know anything. They might act oblivious, but they certainly are smart. When they have done something wrong, they know that they are about to be busted. The adorable pooch in the clip below is no exception. This dog did something which he was not supposed to do. You will be in stitches when you see how he shows his guilt!

This cutie is called Matzo. When he was in the kitchen, he accidentally knocked over a trashcan. The poor thing knows that he is in trouble.

When mom sees all the mess, she tries to confront him. But how Matzo responded is nothing less than hilarious! His reaction is priceless and I am sure his mom couldn’t help but crack up when she saw it too!

Watch guilty Matzo below! Did this adorable pooch make you smile? Share what you think in the comments!