Mom films baby and dog on the floor


The Swift family had had their chocolate Lab for more than eight years when the baby came along. And when the baby started to crawl, they saw once again why they wanted a Lab in the first place.

The family has owned the beautiful dog since she was 10 weeks old and have carefully trained her in advanced obedience. She is a trustworthy companion, and still the Swifts are cautious with her around the baby. Then this happened!

On the very day that their little girl started crawling, Mom and Dad were ready with the camera. Many parents document their child’s firsts. This one would be really special.

The lovely dog has always been enthralled with people of all ages and will willingly follow voice commands. But in this case, it was all her own doing as she reaches out to reward and encourage the baby girl.

A gentle kiss to bestow her young charge and Mom and Dad remember why they wanted a Labrador Retriever in the first place. Nevertheless, they advocate research and listening to the experts before putting a dog and a young child together.

When you watch this video, you’ll be amazed at how gentle and affectionate the dog is with the child. What do your Facebook friends say? Are their dogs this sweet-natured?