Mom gives her boxer a binky


Pets are a wonderful addition to your family. They provide you with great company and they always remain by your side no matter what. People with pets are said to be happier and healthier than those without pets. Our cats and dogs bring lots of joy and happiness into our lives and we are lucky to have them with us. That is why we shower them with so much love and treats. Most of us even treat them like they are our babies.

This boxer’s parents just love her. They treat her as a princess and have even named her Princess Leia. They love to pamper and coddle her senseless. And as you can see from the clip, Leia enjoys it to the fullest!

This adorable boxer is so cute that she just might steal your heart away. Every time before she goes off to sleep, she needs to have her binky. Without the pacifier in her mouth, she just can’t doze off. But when her mom finally gives it to her, she has the cutest reaction ever!

Leia is just 8 months old. She reacts just like an infant and the pacifier also has the same effect on her! She falls asleep straight away! Wait till you see how cute it is! I am sure her owners are extra careful so that she won’t choke from the pacifier. Watch this adorable clip below! Did this make you smile? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!