Mom Was Pregnant, But When She Gave Birth No One Was Prepared For The Result 19 Hours Later


Everyone knows the phrase, “the more the merrier,” but this family had to take that seriously when their two proud Great Danes welcomed 19 puppies in December. They couldn’t be any more adorable!

The puppies were the product of this handsome black stud and Velma, the spotted princess to the right!

When the owners, Josh and Terri Luther of Alabama, found out Velma was pregnant, they knew the puppies were going to be gorgeous!

When it was time to give birth, Josh Luther told that he was surprised by the entire sheer number of puppies. He couldn’t believe it!

“They just kept coming!”
All in all, the birthing process lasted about 19 hours. The craziest part was that the puppies all seemed to be perfectly healthy – something almost unheard of when it comes to such a long birth!


In a normal pregnancy, Great Danes are expected to carry a maximum of 10 puppies. But 19 is something legends are made of!

In fact, the Luther’s tied the national record for most puppies born in one litter. The largest litter ever recorded was in 2004 in England, where 24 pups were born to a Neapolitan mastiff (another type of giant breed). Unfortunately, four of those puppies died shortly after birth