Mom’s Sandwich Went Missing


This hilarious dog was just about to get away with her sneaky plan. But then her owner asks, “Where’s my sandwich?” At first, her dog Saben avoids eye contact, but quickly realizes that it’s starting to look a little too suspicious, so Saben looks at her owner with a guilty puppy look.

The questions continue to point towards her adorable dog, but she didn’t want to give herself away. She conceals her mouth, with chubby cheeks, hoping her owner wouldn’t recognize the difference between the size of her full cheeks. The accusation gets worse and the question then becomes, “Did you eat my sandwich?”

There wasn’t much else to do, Saben could run and hide but this smart dog knew it would lead to trouble. So, with much reluctance, she opens her mouth wide open, letting an entire sandwich fall from her mouth and onto the floor. She didn’t even have time to chew a piece before her owner caught her with it. The sandwich, still put together, was all piled up on the floor complete with drool and all. Sweet little Saben fessed up to the naughty act, and her owner could only laugh about it.