Mother dog finds abandoned human baby


While dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, in this instance, a dog was baby’s best friend. On a winter night in Argentina, this sweet stray dog played the role of a hero after finding and abandoned infant in an alley.

Stories reports that the infant boy was abandoned by his mother and was left to die on a frigid winter night.

Fortunately, the dog (Way), who had recently become a mother to a litter of puppies, let her mothering instinct take over.

She and her pups curled up with the infant all night long and helped keep the baby alive.

A neighbor heard the babies cries and discovered the dog, puppies, and infant curled up together. The neighbor then took the infant to the hospital where he was treated for dehydration.

The infant’s mother was later arrested, and the child was placed in a children’s hospital. Doctors believe the infant could have died had he not been kept warm by the dog, according to CNN.

Needless to say, this small dog appears to be a big hero for this baby.

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