New Homeowner Finds Pit Bull Chained Up In His Basement


Recently in service of rescue of homeless animals in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) received a call from a man. The caller reported that he found in the basement of the house bought a pit bull and no idea how long the dog is there. Without losing precious time, the rescue team went to the house. “Opening the door, we lit our lanterns down and saw a wagging tail,” said Natalie Thompson, who was involved in the rescue operation.

— Dog almost choking on the joy of meeting with us. When we uncoupled her and took her outside, she jumped and jumped and hugged us.”For this reason, the dog quickly came up with a nickname – Jumping Bean (Jumping bean). The so-called seeds of Mexican plants sebastiania, who, being impressed by the caterpillars of the moths are starting to jump During the inspection it turned out that the dog had no food or water.

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