‘Noah’s Ark’ Of Animals In Hawaii Left For Dead As Lava Surrounds – Rescuers Know To Act Fast


Wow! It is a very special rescuing operation! These brave rescuers have saved many different animals from the volcano! It would be very difficult!

It is a real apocalypse! And the rescuers with volunteers created a good plan of the saving! To get to know more — read this story below and watch the epic video! Try not to cry!

Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano has been releasing toxic gasses, opening new fissures, and sending out streams of lava. Strange blue flames burn from cracks in the streets, as fountains of lava erupt from the ground.

It’s an apocalyptic scene. Over 2,000 people have evacuated and residents have been warned about flying balls of lava and acidic volcanic smog. To make matters worse for these residents, many had to leave their beloved pets behind in the evacuation.

Now rescuers and volunteers are working to find the missing animals and reunite them with their families at a time when the bond between them is the one thing offering a sense of stability.

The rescuers have saved what is being called a “virtual Noah’s ark” of all kinds of critters, from livestock like cows to exotic birds. The Red Cross shelter in Pahoa, about 40km east of the volcano, has by itself saved 100 dogs and 30 cats, along with bunnies, birds, and pigs. A Hawaii Island Humane Society volunteer, Burgandy Singleton said: “QUITE THE CRAZY FARM RIGHT NOW.”

“WE ARE HOUSING EVERYTHING FROM WEE LITTLE CREATURES TO GINORMOUS BEASTS AND NO TROUBLE. WITH THAT MANY PERSONALITIES MIXING IT UP, IT’S BEEN AMAZING.” The volunteers and rescuers are going into the abandoned neighborhoods to find all the pets they can. Using the lure of food and water, they hope to find as many of the frightened and disoriented animals as possible.

Meanwhile, livestock is being taken in by the Hawaii County-funded Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens, who have rescued more than 30 to 35 cattle and horses. More than 1300 head of cattle and three dozen horses have been relocated to a ranch north of the area.

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