Noone needed dog turned out to be a great friend for a new family


The dog, which obediently waited for death has found a new home. on the face (as a lot of them), wool for sure the ashes have covered, dimmed the once-shining eyes – God, when did she get so old, our joy? After all, she’s only… Is it really so much!? And what now? Now just have to wait and give thanks (often too late) your dog for everything that she gave you.

Only after seeing the terrible signs of aging, do you remember how little time she spent. Forever was once. Pestering with the ball, with a stick-leave, not before you, tomorrow’s game.

We would have to go with her, walk on the outside, but once; that is next week, closer to the spring and summer…

Honey, come here, here’s your ball! Not want… Wow, she doesn’t want to run anymore. It turns out that her shortness of breath and feet foot as wood. Well, you want something delicious, a piece of cake, you want it?

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