Not One, Not Two, But Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Found Stuck In A Storm Drain!


For decades, many have believed that cats were the curious animals, but today’s story will tell a different tale! It surrounds three very intrigued full-grown mastiffs living with their owners in Colorado, who were more than curious about what the outside world had to offer. So much so, that they took it upon themselves to do a little bit of wandering, taking themselves on a little adventure. Where did it lead them? In quite a tight spot, to be frank.

The three pups left their front lawn and happened to come across a culvert. This peaked their interested, so they decided to follow it—which took them right to the bottom of a storm drain! A scary thought? Definitely! But sit tight, this story has a happy ending!

Luckily, help was on-hand, as a passerby called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to come and scope out the situation.

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