Officer Makes 1 Small Gesture, Canine’s Comeback Is Making Everyone Laugh!


The K-9 team is incredible. These trained pups can sniff for drugs, help police officers track down and physically catch criminals, locate bombs, and overall can quickly and bravely tend to a variety of emergencies. Policemen often use German shepherds and Belgian Malinois as part of their crew in part due to their availability but mostly due to their intelligence, high activity levels, and their strength and size.

For one German shepherd, a policeman taught him a pretty neat trick that could come in handy inside and outside of his career.

In a video recording the scene, we first spotted the officer and a group of men in an empty parking lot with the canine patiently waiting, along with a police car off in the distance. Then, all the policeman does is quickly point in the direction of the vehicle and off sprints the dog in that very same direction at the speed of light.

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