Ohio Welcomes Its First Pit Bull Police Dog


Leonard the Pit Bull was once facing euthanasia because he was considered “unadoptable.” Now, he’s finished his training to be a narcotic-detecting police officer, the first Pit Bull in the state of Ohio to become a police officer.

He was trained to sit when he detects the odor of narcotics. He doesn’t scratch, bite, or bark, and he isn’t trained to go after suspects. All he does is sit when he smells drugs, and he’s kept on a leash the entire time.

Chief Terry Mitchell is Leonard’s handler. He says that Leonard “is kind of a big baby. When he’s at home off duty, he likes to get in your lap and give you kisses, but when he comes to work, and he puts on his vest and his collar, he is ready to work; he’s all business.”

Chief Mitchell laid to rest any concern about him being vicious just because of his breed, and Leonard’s trainer says he has just the right disposition for canine training.

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