Old Dog Leads Cops To Mountaintop


An entire community was sent into a tailspin when a three-year-old girl, Aurora, went missing one evening in April 2017 in Queensland, Australia. The little girl’s family thinks she wandered away from home around 3 p.m. right when temperatures began to plummet and the rain began to fall. Aurora lived with her family on a large rural property full of thick brush, woodlands and hills.

The search began early the next morning. More than 100 volunteers paired with authorities to find the girl. But 16 terrifying hours had passed and there was still no trace of Aurora. What the community feared the most was beginning to set in – did she fall into a dam near the property?

With the devastation of this reality knocking on the door, out of nowhere Aurora’s grandma and some of the volunteers heard sounds off in the distance. They immediately set out to go down into the valley and subsequently up the mountainside. It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop them from going. That’s when they saw their cattledog Max running toward them. Max was a 17-year-old dog who was deaf and partially blind. Yet his instincts told him he needed to stick by her side.