Overload on cuteness with this Budweiser Super Bowl commercial


Promotional video “Lost puppy” Budweiser brand companies “Anhauser-Bush InBev” won the prestigious award in the field of advertising AD Meter. The list of the best also included other videos of the company’s brands – Bud Light “Coin” and Budweiser “Cooked in a difficult way.” AD Meter is held during Super Bowl sports events, and the winner is determined by the audience vote. In Russia the company “Anheuser-Busch InBev” is the Russian unit, OAO sun InBev, Budweiser – BUD brand.

The ad Meter award in 1989 was created by the daily USA TODAY newspaper to research the opinion of consumers about the most important commercials shown during the Super Bowl.

In 2015, according to the publication itself, the methodology used in AD Meter has become one of the main tools for measuring public opinion for the industry as a whole.

The main characters of the video-the winner from BUD’s “Lost puppy” were already familiar to viewers from the previous stories for the Super Bowl puppy and horse-heavy-duty breed “Clydesdale”, which for decades have been associated with the advertising campaign of the brand. In the new video, the four-legged baby is lost and gets into serious trouble, but his faithful friends come to his aid in time.