Owner Always Lets Dogs Sleep In Her Bed


If you are like the millions of American pet owners, then chances are you like to snuggle up with your pooch in bed! Their warm fur, cuddly nature and big smiles make them the perfect nap buddy!

Unfortunately, dogs are also the perfect host for a number of dangerous bacteria and fungi. That’s why Inside Edition decided to determine exactly what dogs carry and how likely they are to pass those germs to their humans.

First the staff members of Inside Edition met with 19-year-old dog lover Leah.

Leah is the proud owner of three puppers and loves to snuggle up with them in bed! She never thought about the germs that they may bring along with them – that’s why she gladly agreed to have her pups tested for bacteria and fungi.

She was shocked by the results!

Collectively, her adorable pups carried more than 20 different types of bacteria and four different strains of fungi. In addition to that stomach-turning news, the Inside Edition host also informed Leah that all three of her dogs carried E. coli on their paws.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an E. coli infection can cause stomach problems, nausea and vomiting in humans.

But Leah wasn’t the only pet owner to learn about this chilling news. The Inside Edition staff stepped onto the street to target other loving dog owners who like to sleep with their pups.

A few moments later, they discovered Shauna walking her two adorable dogs, Scottie and Angel. They asked if she slept with them and she happily admitted that she loves to cuddle up with the pooches! That’s when they whipped out the test swabs and gathered a sample from each of Shauna’s four-legged friends.

The results from this test were just as disturbing as the one before it.

Shauna’s pups tested positive for eight different types of bacteria and one fungus – the most troubling discovery was that Angel tested positive for a strain that could cause pneumonia, meningitis and UTIs.

Despite these frightening results, both Leah and Shauna said that they were still going to allow their dogs up on the bed. However, they were going to implement some new precautions, like wiping their feet with an antibacterial solution before they hopped up for a snooze!

Learn more about this potential health concern by pressing “play” on the video below! It’s something important to think about!