Owner Starts To Howl On Floor


Puppies are adorable, tiny creatures who spend most of their early life learning all about the world. In their first few weeks of life, they learn how to walk, eat, and bark. As they learn all these new things, their tail constantly wags. They can’t contain their excitement! Dogs enjoy learning new things, and they’re especially happy if someone they love teaches them new tricks.

This video shows a great example of just how excited dogs get when they’re learning something new. The cute video shows an eight-week-old beagle named Moose learning how to howl from his dad.

The beagle’s dad, Mikael Kramer, is patient with the little pup. Kramer howls a few times to show Moose how it’s done. Then, Moose joins in, and they howl together, creating a heartwarming and absolutely adorable video.

In the comments of the video, people couldn’t get over how cute Moose was, and they loved how Moose and Kramer howled together.

It’s now been three years since Kramer put up this video.

Moose is now an adult, but he still loves howling just as much as he did when he was a puppy. Kramer says that Moose always howls along to the video of his younger self.

Kramer also posted an updated video of Moose howling. In it, Moose lays on Kramer’s chest, just like in the first video. They howl together while the video of Moose as a puppy plays in the background.