Owners Return From Vacation


Leaving a family dog behind is always a difficult task when you leave on vacation, especially when you don’t have someone you can trust to care for your beloved pet. One family toyed with the idea of taking their dog Skylar to a boarding facility, but at the last minute, they decided to hire a dog sitter.

Little did they know just how much that decision would affect their beloved pooch. Skylar would never be the same after his fateful run-in with this man.

When they asked James Liakos to come sit for their whippet pooch, the family thought they made the right decision, especially after their pup took a liking to the man. However, when the owners returned home, they watched a video that told them everything they needed to know about James and how he really treats dogs.

The footage was the last thing they expected to find upon their return. It certainly changed their minds about who they would hire as a dog sitter in the future!

Before the family left on their trip, they made sure to let James know that Skylar was a very, very hyper little doggy!

But, it turns out that James wasn’t your average dog sitter, and he was just as high-energy as the adorable whippet pooch.

When the family returned from their trip, James told them to go watch a YouTube video that he had created especially for them. Oh boy, this man had definitely been up to some shenanigans with their beloved pup!

The family had entrusted the care of their sweet four-legged furry friend to this man. They were nervous about it and rightly so.

The video James shared on YouTube has been watched more than six million times. It’s no wonder why!

Watch the video montage below to see how dog sitters really behave when no one is looking. Awww, what an incredible man!