Passengers See Dog Board Bus Alone –Then Caught Off Guard When They See What’s On Its Collar


There are so many reasons to visit Seattle. Whether you are interested in regular tourist activities like going to the Space Needle and eating in that famous spinning restaurant or you are more of an outdoorsy person and you want to go hiking around Mount Rainier, this is a city with a lot to offer.

If you are a dog lover, there is actually one more reason to visit Seattle. If you get on the bus, you might end up encountering a dog named Eclipse riding the bus by herself, proving like many dogs do that dogs can be quite strong, independent animals!

Generally, people don’t see dogs riding by themselves on public transportation. It’s not necessarily something that should be condoned because something could actually end up happening to the dog if the dog is not trained well or some other unexpected event ends up occurring.

However, there’s no denying that Eclipse definitely looks very happy when she is writing on public transportation, In fact, this dog was giving her very own bus pass so that she could ride public transportation. The bus pass hangs off of her neck from her collar. She has actually become known as a regular on the bus, and other riders really enjoy seeing her.

Check out Eclipse’s own song at the end of this article!

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