Passersby Hear Screaming In The Distance, Then Woman Gets Closer And Hits “Record”


I can usually identify the source of a sound when I hear it. It’s obvious to recognize the basic sounds like crickets while on a walk around the street at night, or squirrels scurrying through the bushes; even something less distinct like the sound of a vacuum clogged with something that shouldn’t have gone up the pipe is recognizable. But, if I heard the sound in the video below, I don’t think I would be able to make out what was happening, or where it was coming from.

Nicole Lewis was driving by Avery Lake (it borders Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, US) when she crossed two lynxes; by the looks, and the sounds of it, the animals were having a territorial dispute.

Although we can’t be sure that they were fighting over land and space, it seems in their nature to create an issue and argue over the matter. The video that Nicole got of the lynxes fighting almost went immediately viral because of the sound that they made. People who have seen the clip, and know more about their habits, say that it is normal for them to make these sounds. A lot of others are comparing their argument to that of their children and how they fight with one another; others are saying that the two sound like squabbling spouses.

Although lynxes are rare in Michigan, it can very well be that the two from this video originate from the Dinorwic Region in Ontario, that’s close to where Nicole recorded the footage.

Click on the link below to watch the two lynxes get into a heated argument. The sounds are a bit off-putting!