Pit Bull Put Down While Giving Birth, Newborn Puppies Put Down Immediately After


A Pitbull was euthanized while on labor in Amarillo Animal Management, and it was witnessed by Dacia Anderson while volunteering them to help animals who were looking for shelter. She was horrified by the decision the animal shelter took and couldn’t stand her anger. She asked for justice on Facebook through an emotional post about the incident, which got more than 3000 shares.

She wrote, “I went into her kennel to take a picture for the APHS Facebook ‘In the Facility’ album. She was friendly, but scared, and jumped up on me for comfort. I looked at her band and noted she had been an owner surrender the previous day.”

She explained how she had come across the “obviously pregnant” dog without many facilities in the shelter.

She found out later that the pit- bull given birth to a single baby without a whelping box. So she informed about it to staff and assumed the matter was probably taken care of as she had also seen a staff putting a whelping box together.

To her shock, it wasn’t. In fact, she was facing resistance to be allowed to enter the building where the pit- bull was.

She wrote in her post, “I was told to give them a minute. I could see the AMW staff vet, a few other kennel attendants, and a large, portable metal cage in the building.

I immediately knew they were gathering mama from G7. I happened to pass another AMW employee and asked if she was being euthanized. He said that they were probably just moving her to somewhere more quiet, and less stressful.”

Soon enough, she was told the bitter truth.

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