Pitbull Is Too Scared To Sleep, Until Dad Sings His Favourite Lullaby


All the kiddies in my childhood my parents sing a lullaby. Mom or dad’s voice is able to calm the baby and help him sleep. But did you know that you can sing lullabies and Pets? The heroine of this video, the girl is a pit bull, somehow sad. It was evening and it was time to go to sleep, but my heart was very not easy. Then her dad decided to help her and sang a lullaby for her.

This dog used to fall asleep under the lullaby, which is sung by its master before going to bed. She puts her head on the pillow, closes her eyes and falls asleep. The dog’s name is TIA, and she is 6 years old. It is a cross between a stuff and a bull Terrier. By the way, before the hostess brought TIA, she is generally afraid of dogs

. Even close to them not way. The emergence of TIA increasingly changed. She began to treat the dog as his own child and taught her to fall asleep to a lullaby.

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