Pregnant Chihuahua Has Big Belly


Tiny Chihuahua Coco became the champion of the Guinness book of records after giving birth to a stunning number of puppies – as many as 10 small Chihuahua. An incredible event took place in one of the shelters of the American city of Kansas in late March.

One man brought a pregnant Chihuahua dog to the orphanage “Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption” and said that he was not going to start puppies and did not know what to do with it now. The owners of Coco, dawn and bill Slater from Cumbria, admitted that he was expecting the birth of the puppies, but was amazed when they were born twice.

Absolute record is the birth of a dog 24 puppies, however, such a small dog like Chihuahua, has not yet been born even 10 puppies, so this record Guinness book of records decided to officially celebrate.

According to eyewitnesses, Coco’s puppies (pictured) were the size of mice when they were born 13 days ago, and the smallest of them weighed just 70 grams, just like two packs of chips. 52-year-old bill said that he and his wife did not expect such a record of offspring, but the difficulty arose after they realized that Coco is only 8 nipples, so owners have begun to take away from them the stronger puppies and to let those who are born weaker then everything more or less normalized.

As reported by Cheta Slater, they are going to distribute all the puppies in the near future, so now they try not to get attached to small dogs.