Pup Misses Mom And Calls Her


We all have the capacity to love, feel, and nurture. And just like a newborn mother tends to her child, or a person gives their best friend a warm hug, animals are capable of the very same. They too have maternal instincts and form unbreakable bonds with other dogs, animals and humans.

And to further prove this point, the video below shows Stanley, the Airedale Terrior pup standing in the kitchen in front of the telephone with his dad. Why? Well, it had been said that Stanley was missing his mom so much after she was out of town, that he just had to hear her voice. And for that reason, a call was made so that the pair could reunite vocally for a few minutes. The result? Something that will totally melt your heart.

Stanley’s mom answers the phone and says his name, which then prompts him to howl out in happiness. Then, she continues to talk to her beloved pup, all the while Stanley howls sweetly into the phone, letting her know that he misses her. But the most adorable part is when his dad asks, “Do you love your mama?” to which Stanley lets out a super long howl. And each time he stops for a breath, his dad says, “Tell her,” prompting Stan to let out his adorable howl yet again…this time, longer than the last. The whole video is a sheer delight!

So if you’re a dog lover, or even if you’re just missing someone right now, give this adorable video a watch! And don’t forget to share it with your family and friends so they